Alabaster Mobile Clinic

Kenya 2015 Summary

Final analysis from Kenya 2015 revealed the following:

Total patients seen and treated: 1,480

Top Healthcare activities engaged in:

Health Trainings Conducted: 

Endoynolasho School for Rights of Child (ROC) Health Club: Basic first aid, Trachoma prevention, Prevention of Colds/Management of Fever

YMCA, Kibera & Light Rays, Kangemi: First Aid, Benefits of Exercise, Proper Nutrition, HIV/AIDS

Highlights of Trip:

  • Endoynolasho Clinic painted, stocked, and launched on July 24, 2015, in partnership with Conslog Engineering, Girl Child Network, and Endoynolasho Community – see more info on clinic page
  • Endoynolasho Clinic launched with support from Member of Parliament: Honorable Moses Sakuda
  • 200 Typhoid vaccinations administered in Kibera, informal settlement in Nairobi
  • Oloika Dispensary in Masaailand stocked with 3-month supply of medications and supplies
  • Vitamin A/De-Worming campaigns conducted in five schools throughout Kenya

Check out pictures from our trip to Kenya:

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“I was so blessed to be a part of the Alabaster team. I went not knowing what to expect and came back with a heart full of love for the Masaai. The work Alabaster is doing to come along side this beautiful community is truly inspirational. It serves as an example of how much can be accomplished when people who care go with open hearts to partner with brothers and sisters to strengthen communities and build God’s Kingdom.” – Amanda Andrade, DO