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Life in Endonyolasho

What is Endonyolasho? Who lives there?

Endonyolasho is a beautiful and stark region in central Kenya, near its border with Tanzania. The area is extremely rural and geographically isolated, with only dirt roads leading from the nearest small city. Once there, you will meet people from the Maasai tribe, a group of people that has retained much of their tradition and culture. Strongly patriarchal and cattle-herding, the Maasai people are quiet, strong, community-oriented and generous. Endonyolasho is so rural that it’s not identified on most maps, yet it is home to more than 1,000 men, women and children.

Though there is no running water, there is a school – and now, a clinic.


Why build there?

The idea to build a clinic in Endonyolasho came when, running clinics out of the school building, the Alabaster team saw the need for basic medical care and yet heard again and again how far people in the community traveled for care. By foot, the journey to the nearest dispensary is a seven hour walk, or a further 15 hour walk to the nearest hospital. Partnering with Girl Child Network (GCN, a local NGO) and the Maasai community, Alabaster devised plans to raise money and build a bricks-and-mortar clinic that would provide a place to administer basic first aid care, store medical supplies and house a health sciences library. However, this vision grew as our ties with the community and local leaders also grew.



After several years of building relationships and assessing the community’s needs and capacity, we helped to build a bricks and mortar clinic to bring healthcare closer. In the years since, we have continued to partner with a water tank, a staff house and upgrades to the clinic, making it possible to register with the county government and launch an operational dispensary. As of 2018, the clinic was fully registered and awaiting a permanent staff assignment.


Endonyolasho Clinic:


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