Alabaster Mobile Clinic

Kenya 2016 Summary

Final analysis from Kenya 2016 revealed the following:

Total patients seen and treated: 1,574

Top Healthcare activities engaged in:

Health Trainings Conducted: 

Endonyolasho School Health Club: Checking blood pressure, finding pulse, listening to lung sounds, wound care

Highlights of Trip:

  • Endonyolasho Clinic’s rain water harvesting facility launched and filled with 10,000L of clean, drinking water.
  • Treated scabies outbreak, providing necessary medications and color-safe antimicrobial detergent for over 200 men, women, and children to prevent re-infection.
  • Provided 3,000 sanitary napkins to the girls in Endonyolasho School, providing 1 year supply of feminine hygiene
  • 200 Typhoid vaccinations administered in Mukuru, informal settlement in Nairobi
  • Non Medical programming:
    • Conducted female-specific empowerment programming with 21 girls in Endonyolasho School
    • Established the beginnings of a Photography Club in the Endonyolasho School and Light Rays School
    • Conducted Information Technology training in Light Rays School in Kangemi
    • Hosted “Cinema Under the Stars” event for the Endonyolasho community, screening the documentary made about the clinic. Over 100 community members attended and enjoyed watching their story.

Check out pictures from our trip to Kenya: