Alabaster Mobile Clinic

Kenya 2014 Summary

Final analysis from Kenya 2014 revealed the following:

Total patients seen and treated: 1,375

Top Healthcare activities engaged in:

Health Trainings Conducted: 

Endoynolasho School, Masaailand: Malaria symptoms, RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) for sprains, Basic first aid, Trachoma prevention – SAFE (surgery, antibiotics, facial cleanliness, environmental change)

Ushirika Children Center, Kibera: First Aid, RICE, Basic Nutrition, Benefits of Exercise, STD prevention

Highlights of Trip:

  • Car-powered vaccine cooler purchased in partnership with Glendale Sunrise Rotary Club |
  • 300 MMR vaccinations administered in rural Masaailand
  • 200 Typhoid vaccinations administered in Kangemi informal settlement in Nairobi
  • Three rural clinics stocked with 2-month supply of medications – Shompole, Oloika, Meru
  • Endoynolasho School stocked with health kit and three schoolteachers given training on utilization of supplies
  • 115 cases of Trachoma diagnosed and treated in Endoynolasho and Shompole
  • Vitamin A supplementation given to 600 adults and children in Masaailand
  • Partnered with Girl Child Network and Ministry of Health in Meru to conduct a community health clinic for 500 patients

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“The Kenya trip is truly an inspiring experience. I have learned considerably, in particular, about the regional health needs and the greater challenges the region faces. I am looking forward for the next trip!”– Samuel Lim, RN

“I was excited at the opportunity to use nursing as a means of reaching people who do not have the benefit of easy and accessible health care. Going to Kenya blew the lid off of my jar of expectations and opened my eyes to the true need for healthcare in the rural areas of the country. Alabaster provides a means of serving others in a unique and challenging way, fostering growth as a health professional and as a follower of Christ. Working with medical practitioners who dedicate so much of their lives to helping these people with minimal resources was an incredibly humbling experience. Your life will never be the same, and neither will the lives of those whom you have the opportunity to bless.”– Jeffrey Altizer, RN

“One of the most surprising and fulfilling parts of the trip with Alabaster Mobile Clinic was meeting and partnering with so many amazing and talented Kenyans who are making sacrifices to serve people in their country. These are the people that make Alabaster’s work possible and help to sustain it the rest of the year. It was an incredible gift to learn from their joy, insight and dedication, and to gain their friendship.”– Betsy Stewart