Alabaster Mobile Clinic

Kenya 2013 Summary

Final analysis from Kenya 2013 revealed the following:

Total patients seen and treated: 1,515

Top Healthcare activities engaged in:

Immunizations: 175 people vaccinated against Typhoid and Hepatitis B

Two rural clinics – one in Shompole & one in Meru stocked with supplies and medicines

Education provided on:
1. Assessing fevers in children
2. Wound care
3. Donated otoscope to Shompole Dispensary, educated on use
4. Cervical cancer screening utilizing VIA – visual inspection with acetic acid

Check out pictures from our trip to Kenya:

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Quotes from team members:

“Dancing in the Kibera slum with school children.. One of my absolute favorite moments ever. It was so amazing to see the joy in these kids in the middle of this place. It was inspiring to hear their hopes and dreams. I feel so privileged to be a part of this amazing team of people, who are my kindred spirits and now, dear friends. So looking forward to going back and doing it all over again next year.” – Veena Fenn, RN

“Volunteering in Kenya through Alabaster Mobile Clinic was a rewarding and gratifying experience. I actually became a better person after all. I went to Kenya to serve people. However, I got served more and learned the real value of life from the Kenyan people who have less resources than us, but know how to be thankful and joyful in life. Thank you Alabaster for giving me a chance to join the team. Lastly, glory to the Lord who made this trip meaningful and amazing!” – Christy Byun, NP

“Before I left for Kenya with Alabaster Mobile Clinic, my initial thoughts were fairly simple, I was going on an adventure to provide medical services for groups of people in far flung regions that have rare or no access to health providers. However, this was not just a medical trip. I found myself growing spiritually, receiving more than I ever expected from the act of giving. I worked with a team of people who impressed me with their energy for helping others and thoughtfulness towards one another. I have deep gratitude for the welcome and hospitality of the people of Kenya and was especially enthralled with the spirited enthusiasm of the children. My fondest memory is not just being able to provide health services, it is of being pulled into a friendship dance with the schoolchildren in the slums of Kibera. Many of the students had great aspirations to become health professionals and teachers. It is my hope that the Alabaster’s project of deworming, vaccinations, and medical services continues to decrease sick days and keeps the students in schools so that they can become successful people who can make an impact on their society.” – Helen Ma, NP

“It was a blessing working with Alabaster. It was truly life-changing and inspirational. Our medical team helped more than 1,500 people from different walks of life. The trip was an eye-opener for what people are going through all around the world, yet have such gratitude for the little they have. I will cherish this memory for a lifetime.” – Ashantha Rubera

“Kenya surpassed all of my expectations. Our trip was full of friends, bonding, learning, and growing. I am so grateful for the hospitality and kindness that the Kenyan people showed us. Alabaster did a great job of planning and organizing the trip. When I think back to our experiences it brings so much joy, and I can’t wait to go back!” – Hayley Petersen, RN

“How do I start describing my trip to Kenya? I don’t know where to begin. Kenya brought different emotions to my heart. Happiness is one of them; just the thought of being there and meeting all the people I met, makes me happy. Seeing eyes full of hope, when they saw us coming to places of the world that had been forgotten, which also brought me sadness and desperation of wanting to do more than what we could. Each place we visited was special. Even though the kids were malnourished, some sick, and living in terrible conditions, they had the biggest smile a child can have. I am hoping to go back and I am also hoping that others could see more places like this.” – Angelica Palacios, RN