Alabaster Mobile Clinic

Kenya 2012 Summary

Final analysis from Kenya 2012 revealed the following:

Total patients seen and treated: 1,336

Top Healthcare activities engaged in:

Immunizations: 300 women and children were vaccinated against Typhoid Fever.

Over $1000 worth of medical supplies and medicine were donated to local rural clinics throughout the Maasailand.

Lay providers were educated on the following:
1. Red flag symptoms of Malaria
2. Wound care
3. Recognizing fungal infections
4. Safe drinking water

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Quotes from team members:

“I joined Alabaster’s team as a RN. It is hard to say in a few sentences what I experienced in Kenya with Alabaster. I met a little boy, around age 5. He had two wounds on his head due to amoebas. He waited for more than one hour standing quietly by, watching others undergoing a procedure to incise and drain these wounds. When it was his turn, he sat on my lap to have the procedure done without anesthesia. He was so skinny and so obviously malnourished, but so brave! He had no shoes. The following day after the procedure, he was already back home doing his chores and working in the fields without shoes, taking care of his cattle. I connected so deeply with this young boy and I will never forget him. We can not change everything, but we can help better the community one person at a time.” – Naomi Ikuma, RN

“Alabaster is an organization characterized by a genuine heart for learning, partnering, and serving.” – Doug Laity, MD

“The experience I had in Kenya with Alabaster Mobile Clinic was one filled with joy! I experienced Kenya in a unique way. I was immersed in the culture and tradition of such a beautiful, vibrant and dynamic people. It was an honor to work closely with the partners on the ground, to give to the people what I could, and to receive the joy and love they offered me. I can’t wait to volunteer again with Alabaster and go back to Kenya!” – Tina Babajanians

“I had a life-changing experience volunteering with Alabaster in Kenya. Treating patients in dusty, rural, remote settings made me want to learn more, study more, and do more service work. For a first trip with Alabaster, I am so proud of what we were able to do. I assisted Dr. Anthony, a local Kenyan doctor, in wound care for a man with a very badly infected finger. It looked very, very painful and Dr. Anthony’s clinic only had one antibiotic to treat him with. Alabaster’s doctor, Dr. Doug and Dr. Anthony consulted together and came up with a multiple antibiotic regimen for this patient using the medications we brought. It totally worked!! Dr. Anthony just sent us pictures of this man’s finger and he has fully recovered! This makes me feel so great that we did the right thing for this patient. I am so happy to see this patient doing well and he didn’t have to lose his finger! The Maasai people were incredible and I had a wonderful experience with Alabaster’s team. I am so grateful for the opportunity to volunteer with this organization and I hope we keep doing it again and again and again!”– Junko Kanno, RN

“It was a joy and a blessing to have had the opportunity of spending time in Kenya. Meeting my adopted son, Seiyo, after 5 years of supporting him was the most memorable experience. I will cherish forever the time I spent with him. I thank God for all the special spiritual moments throughout my journey. God gave me the chance to touch the lives of the little children, the innocent and the vulnerable. I am so grateful for Alabaster and the team!” – Wyomi Fernando