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The Future Always Had a Library

The Future Always Had a Library: The Endonyolasho Community Library

Today, Endonyolasho has transformed into a thriving community. But isolation and lack of resources still impact their ability to experience health in every way.

With a growing primary school, an invested group of community elders and a functioning health clinic, Endonyolasho needs a place for students to study and books for learners of all ages to learn from.

The future always had a library in store for Endonyolasho. You can help to build it.

The Library will further education by providing dedicated study space and books of all kinds for both students and adult learners.

With a special emphasis on science resources, the Library will foster the next generation of doctors, nurses and community health workers to staff clinics and care for the community.

Looking ahead, the Library will help secure and sustain the future, ensuring the community has the education and resources it needs to advocate for themselves and care for their own.

The structure will take three months and $15,000 to build, including shelves, desks, chairs and solar panels for lighting.

To help build the library, please click below: