Alabaster Mobile Clinic

Build Hope

Build a Clinic

Construct a place for people to go for healthcare, right in their own community.

Build Capacity

Improve well-being and dignity through regular and focused care and education.

Build Hope

Create a sense of thriving now and for generations to come.

You helped to build a clinic and functional water tank in Endonyolasho. Because of your partnership, and the continued engagement and contribution of the community, Endonyolasho has experienced healing from illness and a greater sense of dignity among students and families.

You are helping to build hope in a community where few see the possibility for it.

Now, you can help to build even more capacity and dignity in the community by transforming the First Aid Clinic into a certified Dispensary. This designation will enable the Kenyan Ministry of Health to post a health officer there FULL TIME. It will also make it possible for Alabaster Mobile Clinic to transfer medical care and oversight of the clinic to locals — which also means that, with your continued support, we can move to new communities.

Thank you for all you are doing to partner with the people of Endonyolasho! Your further support will advance Phase III of this project. Keep reading for more details…

Phase I: Clinic build – Done! Launched in 2015.

Phase II: Water supply – Done! Tank built and filled for the first time in 2016.

Phase III: Dispensary & Staff House – Done! 

Staff House ($6,000): A modest one-bedroom house adjacent to the Endonyolasho Clinic will house a permanent health worker, bringing care to the community five days a week. Complete!

Dispensary Upgrades ($2,000): Important upgrades to the First Aid Clinic will change its designation to Dispensary, creating improvements that will allow the health worker to provide more in-depth care, including the capacity to safely deliver babies – an important and life-giving service for mothers in this community. The new designation will also release more support from county resources. Complete!

Library ($2,000): A small one-room library will free up one of the rooms in the dispensary and provide designated space for study and book display, improving the education and opportunities of the community.

Phase IV: Ongoing improvement to Dispensary & Water Supply (expected)

*Phase IV has been created with our newly established support from the Ministry of Health, and will depend on continuing partnership with Ministry of Health.