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Alabaster Mobile Clinic relies largely on private monetary and non-monetary donations. If you would like to donate monetarily to our international trips and aid in global healthcare delivery, please click “Donate” below.

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We are currently accepting donations for our upcoming trip to Kenya 2019. Your donations will go toward buying life-saving medications and vaccines for our patients like: anti-malarials, broad-spectrum antibiotics, and Typhoid vaccines. In addition, monetary donations will go toward equipping the clinic and filling the water tank in rural Masaailand in Endoynolasho, Kenya. See our clinic page for more info!

Alabaster Mobile Clinic is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable entity and all donations are tax deductible. (EIN: 45-4464750)

Alabaster Mobile Clinic also welcomes non-monetary donations in the form of supplies for our partnering clinics on the ground.

Here is our wish list below for our 2019 Summer program:

  • Wound care supplies
  • First aid kits
  • Sanitary wear – we continue to partner with Girl Child Network (GCN) in Kenya in aiding victims of female genital mutilation suffering from chronic incontinence. GCN conducts a campaign to collect sanitary wear for these girls and women who have no access to this basic need.

If you would like to donate supplies toward our trips, please email us at