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Endoynolasho Clinic

We are excited to announce that fundraising for phase 1 of our clinic build in Endoynolasho is complete! In fact, due to generous donations, we were able to raise enough funding to install solar panels for the clinic!

Thank you to all our generous donors for your support in building this clinic in rural Kenya, benefiting over 400 students and their families, which will also house the first ever school library in the region! With the installation of solar panels, students will be able to utilize the library even after school hours, giving more opportunity for learning and growth! 

Phase 1 was the clinic, Phase 2 is water!

While our partners on the ground explore the possibility of a pipeline to provide a steady source of running water, Alabaster is working with the local community to build a water tank. This tank will be filled regularly throughout the year to ensure that medical providers at the clinic have the water they need to treat patients – to clean cuts, hydrate patients and conduct minor medical procedures that are sterile and clean.

See below for pictures and video of the newly built water tank!

With your support, we aim to raise $500 each month to hire a water bowser (a.k.a tanker) to bring 10,000 liters of clean water from the nearest city (a 15-hour walk) to the Endonyolasho Clinic throughout the year. See below for pictures of the newly built water tank!

Would you consider joining our Water With Love Team with monthly giving at one of the following levels:
Monthly Donation towards Water
Your contribution provides clean water for an entire community and sustains the work of the Endonyolasho Clinic!

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Pictures of Phase 1 of our clinic:


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